Friday, 25 February 2011

GPS forex

Basically we had 4 trades this week...... 3 in the Euro and one in

As expected all were profitable. This is a what I call a sleeper

I believe over say 2 or 3 years, it will return well.......

See GPS forex here

Forex Growth

The Euro came down today, so open profits are
only about 143 pips so far.

It will carry onto Monday now.

Fx morning Trade

No trade today.......

70 pips this week, so not a bad one.........

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Fx Growth

It 's hard to keep track..... quite a number of trades.

The Demo is on MB trading and so far so good !

Trades started on Tues and mostly closed today.


4 trades are still open...... with open profits of some 500 pips but on
mulitple contracts ( Euro ).....

See Fx growth here

Fx morning Trade

Mon = No trade
Tues = Breakeven
Wed = +35
Thurs = +35

Not a bad week so far....... official figure for Feb is +197 pips so far

See Fx morning here

Friday, 18 February 2011

Fx Growth

This robot seems to be working differently on
each broker !?

My live account doesnt seem to be accurate, so I have
opened a demo with MB Trading.

A number of trades since Wed.


BUT, has 2 open accounts that currently have :


Impressive on this broker so far !!

See Fx Growth here

Fx morning Trade

Wed = Breakeven
Thurs = +35
Fri = No Trade

See Fx morning Trade

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Fx morning Trade

Yesterday was -40

Today +35

Fx Growth

We have had a few trades yesterday and today. Unfortunately
they did not result in much...... It is hard to record these as
the position sizes are differenet.

A -27, -3, -16, -11 etc.

I believe it looks for a breakout from a range, so we need to be

Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Boss Man

Lee reported +139 pips this week ! Still very
good........ let's hope this guy can carry on like this.

See Boss man here

Friday, 11 February 2011

Fx Growth

I didnt want to take the risk over the weekend and closed the
trade manually in my live account..... +104 pips !

Fx Growth is here

Fx growth

We had 2 short trades yesterday..... one was closed
for a -28pips, BUT the other one is currently up +108 pips.

I am just wondering when it is going to close the position !??

This EA tends to leave the stops quite loose, probably
because it wants to capture big moves.

Lets see where that trade goes

Fx Growth is here

Fx morning Trade

A profit of +35 pips today. The week had been
a yo yo one..... we had 2 losses and 2 profits,
but the profit this morning, made the week
a positive one........

See FX morning here

GPS forex

The robot had a -88 on Wed. My live account with SLM (UK)
did not take the trade. The demo which is with Finfx, took the
trade and made a loss on that trade, but then went in with 5
contracts on a counter trend, and got back the loss !

I got an email from a reader, whose broker took the loss,
but the counter trade wasnt multiplied by 5, just by 1.

Therfore, he is still sitting on a loss with this trade- I asked him
to contact support and his broker and make sure that he had enough
margin in the account.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Fx growth

As someone suggested earlier, I think this EA
really depends on which broker you are using. The thing is,
it doesnt seem to know whrn to take a profit.

I suspect it is aiming at big profit targets, so leaves the trade
pretty loose.

On the Finfx dmo last night, I had about 100 pips on the position at
one time, whereas today, it went as low as 12 pips !!

I did intervene in my live account and just took profits, on one or
two of the positions !

Anyway, time will tell.........

Fx morning Trade

Yesterday was +35

Today was a -40 unfortunately !

Monday, 7 February 2011

The Boss Man

This is getting on my nerves !!!!! +340 pips
last week....... YES, you read that right !

I am waiting fot the programmer to get the
automated version going, since, trading this
method manually, requires watching the screen through the session.

I have missed out on a 1000 pips in the last 3 weeks waiting,
hopefully we will see the automation soon.

Boss man is here

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Fx growth

This EA performs differently. I think my live account is
doing better than the demo.

The live account opened 5 positions. I was not
happy with this and closed 2 of the positions for
a small profit. Well, I am still in 3 of those trades
and currently have a +ve result,

Lets see what Monday brings

Forex Groth is here

Fx morning Trade

A good week....... It was +75 pips. Lets
hope this sets the trend for the year

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Fx morning Trade

No trade this morning.... I guess better than having a losing one !

Fx Growth

The demo account closed a winning position with a loss of about 96 pips !!

Then both the demo and my live account have opened a few sort positions in the Euro........

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Fx morning Trade

Another +35 pips today........

Lets hope this trend continues !

Fx morning is here

Forex Growth

There is certainly differences between brokers.

My live trade had a small loss, and the demo one
on Finfx is still in the trade.

They had a trade on the demo from Monday, that
closed +138 pips !

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Fx morning Trade

We had a +35 pips today !

See Morning trade here

Fx Growth

My live account seems to be missing the
winners and catching the losers !!

There is a current trade which has 161 pips
of open profits........ I think this EA should be
traded through an ECN broker.

Fx Overdrive

This EA is not for me !!

It sets a stop at 328 pips !!!!! That is too much for me, so u
are frequently sitting on big drawdowns.

Therfore, I am dropping this EA