Sunday, 22 May 2011

FX Morning Trade

Was an ok week this week....... made
+24 pips

Lets see if we can be positive for the month

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

FX Morning Trade

Last week was a poor week.

I believe we had one win, one no trade,
but 3 losses !!

Lets hope this week improves

GPS forex

Last week was VERY annoying.

I had a loss with the broker I was using
and it failed to do the counter trade, to get the
loss back !

But my colleague did get trades in the other brokers
such as Finfx,

Therefore, I have taken off GPS from my account.


Just testing

Sunday, 8 May 2011

GPS forex

Only one trade this week in the eur/usd which was a

This is an EA for a long term...... for sure

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


There are a couple of other interesting robots.
I am about to test these out and will report
on them, once done.


GPS forex

I believe we had 2 trades in the Eur last week,
both winners.

We had a winner last night as well...... so slowly but surely
it is making money !

Fx Growth

I have stopped using this EA for the time being .

I had it on 2 accounts and they behave so differently.....

I heard from someone that the EA does not work
properly ( in its mechanics), so i will wait
and see if they update it

FX Morning Trade

April was not the best of months, with officia figures of -133pips.

They have revised the criteria now, and today it was a +35pips
So a good start for the month.

By TheWay , I turn off all my EAs when there is holidays, so
yesterday I turned off this one and my other robots.

The markets become much more choppy !