Thursday, 30 December 2010

GPS forex

Yesterday, I started demo trading the new GPS forex.
it detects short term market movements with 99%
accuracy. It is a scalping EA, trading 3 markets.

The reason why I wanted to test this myself, was
because they have been trading this live for 1 year.

My first 2 trades last night were profitable, as
expected. Trades were on Eur/ Usd and Chf/ Usd.

Balance was $3000. We now have $3019.44 after a

I really want to use this EA for growth...... they
reckon it can do 30% per month. My dear friends,
30% compounded for 3 years, should make you a
VERY handsome return !

Anyway, Have a look here :

GPS is here

Friday, 24 December 2010

Leo Trader Pro

There has been a lot of talk about this EA.
I guess the reason is that the creators have
shown LIVE accounts as proof.

If it does what it says, then everyone should buy this !!
I will try and get it ready for 4th Jan and actually
run a test.

Leo Trader is here

Trading Club

No more trading until 4th Jan.

Hopefully after that date, the results become
more consistent.

See trading Club here

Merry Xmas

Fx Morning Trade

i have stopped trading until Tues 4th Jan, when
everything should be back t normal.

You could see previous results here

For those interestedin Long term results, this should
deliver very nice profits in the coming years

Meery Xmas

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Trading Club

Paul was ill today, so no trades. Just as well, since
holiday period is here now.

See Trading Club here

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Fx Morning Trade

Not a good day. I wonder if I should have traded in Dec, as
last year had a big loss in Dec ( -200 pips !! )......

Today we had a loser for -41

See Fx morning details here

Trading Club

Tough day...... but i am not surprised really. It is 2
days before Xmas and I would say not the best time to trade.

The normal method made -5 and scalpers made 34 pips........

See Trading Club here

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Trading Club

Official score for today was 99 pips ( BUT less
any slippage and spreads). I did not trade. I thought
that being a holiday period, market might be a bit

The real test will come in the new year. This guy
is talking about automation, but it looks like
membership will be limited.

Trading Club site is here

Monday, 20 December 2010

The Boss man

I had an email earlier from someone in the US, who
got the Boss, but was saying that it is only suitable for
people who can do spreadbetting.

Spreadbetting is similar to using a traditional broker
like Alpari, fxdd, etc..... EXCEPT that fr people in the UK
and some other countries, all wins are tax free. ( not allowed
for US citizens).

The Boss 's author is based in the UK, so naturally he mentions
trading through spreadbetting, BUT the method CAN
be used theough a normal broker as well........

Therefore, don't be put off by this
No results yet for last week

The Boss man is here

Fx Morning Trade

Strange day ! Alpari had a no trade, But there was a
buy signal on my Fxpro which won !??!

I guess that is what happens when there is not a central

Maybe i need to use both platforms to see which one
gives better results.

Week : 0

Trading Club

Offical figure was +34 pips ( sideways day !)
Scalping for 10 pips made about 60 pips.

I made +18 for the first 2 hours......

Trading Club here

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Trading Club

Well, Friday was a much better day ! Official figures

I believe were +108pips. I could not trade.
It looks like the system is profitable. You need to
take a very low risk, since this week, Wed and Thurs
were tough.

The guy Paul, certainly sounds very helpful and genuine..
I was going to suggest to people to wait for my 1 month
to finish, BUT it sounds like Paul has enough people
on and will close the door.

I think what people can do is take a chance and sign
up for a month. I reckon it is that kind of a service, where
you need to have a go for yourself and see if it fits your

Trading club is here

Fx Morning Trade

Funny day, since I think Friday was one of those
days that depended which broker you traded on.

You see, my account is with Alpari which had a
trade ( unfortunately a losing one )...... but my charts
on Fxpro showed a no trade !

Bit annoying, but that is what happens when there is
no central pricing.......

Anyway, let's see what Monday does.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Boss man

This is a mechanical system that trades the gbp/ usd
from 2am - 10am EST.

Lee is based here in the Uk. The beauty is that he
has almost automated the system, since he has a
programmer working on it. I believe he will
have this done in Jan.

I believe he has been pretty consistent with it every
week. Last week was +297 pips, and the week before
was +54 pips...... so sounds quite promising.

I told him to let me know when he has the automated
version ready.

Watch the space.

You can see the boss here

Trading Club

Another strange day in the room..... I think
this system is not made for the narrow markets !

My personal performance was -18pips, but I went
out.......... I believe the official figures were -57 pips
for the day !!?? BTW, the loss for yesterday was -106pips!

This system is always in the market, so if the day is
choppy, you will get lots of signals......

Trading Club is here

Fx Morning Trade

The indicators did not line up today,

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Trading Club

Well, a VERY unusal day to say the least.
Paul was try to trade the Eur/ Usd.

At 5am UK time, there was a nice move down,
but by 6am, we had to change direction.
The system is a stop and reverse, so you are
always in a trade.

By 9.30am, we had already 4 losses. I was down
56 pips, but then on the 5th trade, I use my own
initiative and closed at +28.......

When I joined the room later in the afternoon,
I know that they were DOWN over 100 pips for the day.
( I think it was more like -140pips or so...) The market
had chopped the system !!!

I am not sure if there was even a winner !??! Let
me see what happens tomorrow ... this is weird
and does'nt make sense.

Fx Morning Trade

Well, after a few days of winning/break even days,
we were due for a loss.

So, today we had that -40 pips.

Not a big deal..... lets see what happens tomorrow.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Trading Club

Today was an annoying day ! For the first
hour or so, we had server problems in the
room...... most of us missed 3 trades.

Then there were a couple of trades that I took,
netted me +5 pips ! I then went out.,.......

Came back into the room and they were already in
profitable trade. We have been trading the € / $
Then as Paul was chatting to us, missed a very nice
down move !

Anyway, my results for today +5 pips ( net of spread).

The room officially made +106pips but you have to take
broker's spread out of that. Our broker charges 1 pip
for the Euro, and I think we had 10 trades.......

So, the Net would be +95. I am not sure if everyone would
have made that.


Fx Morning Trade

No trades today. This sometimes happens, if
the indicators don't line up.

PLEASE, PLEASE don't underestimate this EA.
I was discussing this with my brother and IF
( Ok, that is a big IF), the performance continues
as it has in the past, it will make an average
of 8% per month.

Yes, apparently it made 4500 pips in the last
3 yrs & 10 months. That is about 97 pips on
average. Now work out, trading that for 5 to 7
years using only $1000.

I will tell you how much that makes tomorrow.

Anyway, as said, no trade today.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Trading Club

Well, I emailed you a couple of times regarding
a trading room that one of my trading associates
was so upbeat about.

I then emailed you to say that Paul's webinar
was impressive and I signed up ( emailed on
Friday I think).

Today was my first day. He gives you trades
from 6am - 5pm UK time ( 1am- 12noon New York

I like the guy, Sounds very down to earth ( I have
been in some horrible rooms before !! )- I was
skeptical, but he was very calm about it and officially
the day finished at +115 pips ! I only made 51 pips.....

Unfortunately, there was a nice move in the morning,
where i had to go out and missed....... oh well.

Anyway, I am looking forward to tomorrow morning
( Tues).

If you are available for part of those hours, then have a
go at the signals.......... obviously you won't gain as much as
him, but still.

I think just managing the morning or afternoon session, should
get 150-250 pips quite easily ( average weekly)

Anyway a positive day++

Trading Club room

Fx Morning Trade

As some of you know, I have been trading
the Fx morning EA for about 2 weeks now.

This EA is what I call a "sleeper"....... its
progress is slow, BUT I believe over time
it WILL show some great results !

I started with £1000 ( Pound sterling) with
Alpari Uk about 2 weeks ago. Currently
my balance is £1064.52

That does'nt sound much, BUT it is 6% in 2 weeks !
AUTOMATIC ( I run it on a VPS).

According to Mark ( creator)- it has produced about
4450 pips in the last 3 yrs & 10 months- that I worked
out at an average of 8% per month...... in the next
couple of days, I will demonstrate the power of compounding.

Fx morning Trade

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Welcome Everyone.......

Ok, this is my first post. The idea of this blog is to be able to update
you as often as possible with the systems that I am trying out.