Monday, 31 January 2011

The Boss Man

I am frustrated !! I wish this guy can get the system
automated ASAP !

His system was rocketing AGAIN last week...... he
reported 338 pips for last week ( and 368 the week
before ! ).

i am eager to test this out...... mind you, from my
analysis it seems that the average weekly gain is 150 pips
Still very good.

Boss trading is here

GPS forex

Slowly but surely for this one. One trade last night in the

I am waiting to see when the loss comes and how it copes with

Gps is here

Forex Growth

I think this EA MUST be traded in a ECN account
My normal broker did'nt stop me out, so a 53 pips
loss from the trade done on friday.

Lets see how this one does.

Fx morning Trade

Annoying day, it entered long and I got stopped out
by 3 or 4 pips, after that the market rallied.......

oh well.

Sunday, 30 January 2011


I have had a couple of emails saying that certain robot
does not work, etc

Thing is, any system, you have to give it time. If
you have bought it, then trial for at least 1 month !

These are essentially mechanical systems and so,
will go through difficult patches.

When you get the EA, you should just try it on a
DEMO account. But be careful with some demos.

For instance, the demo platform for Alpari Uk, has
the prices from their ECN, so spreads are much tighter!

That means a robot which performs well on there,
could give you not so good results on a normal
broker account...... very important.

GPS is continuing with the small gains.
FX Growth has had a few losses on
Friday and i currently have an open
trade with it.

Fx Overdrive has done well over the past
2 days, but we shall see...........

Thursday, 27 January 2011

FX over drive

i have just put this EA to test,........... problem is that
it can have scary drawdowns.

BUT, since yesterday the demo account of $3000 is now
at $3755 !!

But, i believe that is an aggressive money management.

Forex Over drive is here

Fx Growth

This is annoying. My live account seems to be taking all the losing
trades and missing the winning ones,

There was a winning trade on the demo couple of days ago, which
my live account missed.

Again today, there were 3 small losses on both demo and live ( different
brokers), but the demo account ( an ECN) managed to catch a trade
that is currently up 53 pips !!

I will be trading this with the demo broker ( on a live account !)

Fx growth is here

GPS forex

This one continues with the small profits so far !

Gps forex is here

Fx morning Trade

Annoying trade today....... the profit target of
+ 35 pips was missed by about 3 pips !

Therefore, a breakeven for today
Yesterday was a -41 !

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

GPS forex

This is still producing the goods ! I suppose we are due for a
loss soon and it will be interesting how it
recovers from it.

Small gains every night with this one.

GPS forex is here

Fx morning Trade

Indicators did'nt line up, so no trade today

Monday, 24 January 2011

Fx Growth

Just had a trade. Unfortunately a loss for -26

As long as losses are not huge, I am not bothered,
and I believe there are no huge losses with this system.

FX growth is here

Fx morning Trade

No Trade today, criteria not met

Friday, 21 January 2011

The Boss man

A GREAT start for this guy's system in 2011.

I have just seen his results. He managed 222 pips
last week and this week has finished with 368
pips !! Wowww...........

Lee is thinking about having this maybe as a signal
service as well as a software his programmer is
trying to sort out.

I did say to him that I can volunteer and try out the

I think the ultimate is the automated software, so
I will be looking forward to that,

In the menatime the manual system can be
found here

Fx morning Trade

Break even for today.......

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Fx morning Trade

Yesterday was -40 pips

Today we made +35

GPS forex

They have re realeased 75 copies of this EA again.......

As mentioned, it can be used on any MT4, preobably
best to use a VPS to automate it.

The trades are at 11pm Uk time ( 6pm N York time)
Small profits, but wins about 99% of the time.

Anyway, you can try it for 56 days :

GPS is here

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Fx Growth

Well, i finally got my license sorted out- phew !!

I told them to put a note in the manual saying :

YOU MUST CLOSE YOUR MT4 platform, when
installing the license !!!

Ok, let's see when the first trade comes in....... I am
looking forward to this testing

Fx Growth is here

The Boss man

I talked to you guys about this guy before Xmas.
Lee is based in the UK and has a system which trades
the gbp/usd ( cable).

His system sounds promising and he is a very responsive
guy as well.

Last week was a good trade with " over 200 pips" and he
says this week ( mon & Tues) he has made 125 pips !

You can get on his manual system, but he is also trying to do
a software that trades these automatically.

His manual system can be found here

Take a look

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Forex Growth

For some reason, the license is not working yet.

They are looking into it, but say that it shouldnt have been
as complicated as this...........

So no trades so far !

Fx morning Trade

A Breakeven trade yesterday.

Today, we did make +35 pips .

Fx morning Trade here

Forex Growth

I have had lots of questions regarding this.

Please note that I am new to this as well...... hopefully
it will carry on the way it has !!

I would suggest that you start in a DEMO ACCOUNT,
and test for a while, before committing real money.

There have 3 versions, so far i am only using the basic one, but
will probably upgrade to the power version soon.

I am running this EA and others using a VPS - for those who don't
know this, it is a virtual server, so that the EA's sit on their server
and so yoou don't have to leave your computer on 24/5.
The one i use is here

Commercial network services

People want to see my live account through an investor
password. Unfortunately I don't have a clue of
how to do this ! sorry........

On their website, there is a link to my fxbook I believe,
which is tracking their live trades.

Important : If you get the package, make sure
that you register your copy ( there is a seperate
manual for this ), otherwise , like me, your EA
will stop working, until the license is issued ......

Therefore, no trades for me so far since yesterday

Will update later

Fx Growth is here

Monday, 17 January 2011

Forex Growth

Well, a very impressive EA so far. We have to
be aware of the risks, but so far I am IMPRESSED !!

An Ea that trades the Eur/Usd on a 15 min chart.
This is not a scalping EA. Instead it probably does the
opposite !

It starts one position. Then if the trades carries on, in the
right direction, IT ADDS to the position..........

Thus, like last Friday, I managed 293 pips in my live account......

I am sure there are risks involed, and one has to start small with
this, since it can open 3-5 positions at the same time.

But I am interested to see how it trades, No more trades today. Lets
see what tomorrow brings

FX Growth site is here

Sunday, 16 January 2011

GPS forex

This system is behaving as it is supposed to ! DElivering the small
gains so far. I am trying to put it on my live account.

Fx morning Trade

Last week was'nt a very good week for the system..... All I had
were either breakevens or a loss that I had ( or a no trade ) !!

Lets see what this week brings

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Fx Morning Trade

i believe there was a trade that ended up break
even ( i had problems with the live account)

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Fx Morning Trade

No trade today

Trading Club

Trading club is closed to new members now, so
no point in reporting on it

GPS forex

Well, I am still testing this, BUT since u cannot
currently get on it, there is no point in me talking
about it.

I may do a monthly update on this

Friday, 7 January 2011

Trading Club

This is going to start again on Monday, BUT think
the room is full now and he is not taking any more
people on.

Therefore, I don't intend to report on this anymore,
unless the situation changes.

GPS forex

Well, for the time being, sales have been stopped.

My guess is it will be available again in a couple of
months. Check this blog for more updates.

Another $43 today......

GPS is here

Fx Morning Trade

We were about 3 pips before taking profit ( 35 pips)
Unfortunately market reversed and stopped us
out at B/even........

Thursday, 6 January 2011

GPS forex

We got 2 trades last night. I have increased the stake,
so I got $61

I want to analyse the losses with this one, when it happens

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

GPS forex

Another winner, as expected.

Account is upto $3084 now.....

GPS is here

Fx Morning Trade

Not a good start....... another -40 pips today

BUT, I am in this for the long run, so we shall

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Fx Morning Trade

Apparently, Dec made a loss of 177 pips, so it
was wise for me to stay out in the second part
of the month........

Today was a -41

GPS forex

Another winner........ balance up to $3063

I will review their performance again and may try to
be more aggressive with the lot size.

Unfortunately only 6 copies left !!

GPS is here

Monday, 3 January 2011

GPS forex

Another positive day....... Account is now at $3053

I think there are only 16 copies left !! I suspect tomorrow
maybe the last day

GPS is here

Saturday, 1 January 2011

GPS forex

Friday produced another day of profits...........

We are upto $3044